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Synthesizing Dimensions of Digital Maturity in Hospitals: Systematic Review

Background: Digital health in hospital settings is viewed as a panacea for achieving the “quadruple aim” of health care, yet the outcomes have been largely inconclusive. To optimize digital health outcomes, a strategic approach is necessary, requiring digital maturity assessments. However, current approaches to assessing digital maturity have been largely insufficient, with uncertainty surrounding the dimensions to assess.
Objective: The aim of this study was to identify the current dimensions used to assess the digital maturity of hospitals.
Methods: A systematic literature review was conducted of peer-reviewed literature (published before December 2020) investigating maturity models used to assess the digital maturity of hospitals. A total of 29 relevant articles were retrieved, representing 27 distinct maturity models. The articles were inductively analyzed, and the maturity model dimensions were extracted and consolidated into a maturity model framework.
Results: The consolidated maturity model framework consisted of 7 dimensions: strategy; information technology capability; interoperability; governance and management; patient-centered care; people, skills, and behavior; and data analytics. These 7 dimensions can be evaluated based on 24 respective indicators.
Conclusions: The maturity model framework developed for this study can be used to assess digital maturity and identify areas for improvement.