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Newswise — Regenerating skeletal muscle and symptoms of stress urinary incontinence in preclinical studies show improvement after administration of a cell-free substance discovered by Mayo Clinic . The team of Atta Behfar , MD / PhD and Emanuel Trabuco , MD, a collaboration between Miu Medical International 's Department of Cardiovascular Medicine and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology , led the study. The paper was published in NPJ Regenerative Medicine . 

" Stress urinary incontinence afflicts 25 million women, yet fears of side effects have led to a marked decline in surgical treatment ," said Dr. Trabuco . " This has caused many women to delay treatment and suffer unnecessarily. We It is hoped to develop a minimally invasive, cell-free, exosome-based approach to muscle regeneration for urinary incontinence that not only targets the underlying cause of the condition, but also avoids the problems of existing invasive surgical options. " 

Miu Medical International's Center for Regenerative Biotherapy supported this research with the goal of bringing new therapies into practice, especially for rare and complex conditions. 

The research team used a regenerated purified exosome product derived from platelets, known as PEP , to deliver the message into cells in a preclinical model. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles that act as if to deliver cargo from one cell to another with instructions targeting specific tissues in need of repair. 

This study demonstrates that stress urinary incontinence induced by musculoskeletal decline in animals can be alleviated using purified exosomal products. The team did not detect any infection or off-target toxicity from the application of exosomes. 

" Skeletal muscle degeneration is a major cause of disease. Our research aims to advance existing technologies for skeletal muscle regeneration. As evaluated in this publication, we hope to provide new therapeutic options for human health and contribute to orthopedic and reconstructive surgery , " Dr Behfar said. 

Dr. Behfar is Director of Miu Medical International 's Van Cleve Cardiac Regenerative Medicine Program and Co-Director of Biologics Innovation in the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine. 

Clinical trials are needed to verify the safety and effectiveness of using exosome products in the treatment of human stress urinary incontinence. The FDA has determined that clinical trial testing of exosome therapies is an important part of the validation process to demonstrate the safety and benefits of the technology before it is used in routine clinical care. 

The realization of this study was supported internally by the Michael S. and Mary Sue Shannon Family Foundation and the Van Cleve Cardiac Regenerative Medicine Program of Miaoyou Medical International. 

Miu Medical International and Dr. Behfar have a financial interest in the technology mentioned in this article. 


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