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ORNL’s Anne Campbell among first all-female team leading nuclear materials meeting

Anne Campbell of ORNL’s Materials Science and Technology Division is a member of the first fully female team to lead a meeting of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, or TMS, and the American Nuclear Society, or ANS. Every two years, TMS and ANS co-sponsor the meeting Materials in Nuclear Energy Systems, or MiNES, to convene a community of scientists studying radiation materials including nuclear fuel.

Campbell will serve as technical chair of MiNES 2023 and general chair of MiNES 2025. This progression was set by her 2019 election as assistant technical chair for MiNES 2021.

To read about her work to help plan a meeting during a pandemic, see her interview on page 15 of JOM Magazine for TMS members.

As an R&D associate in ORNL’s Nuclear Energy Materials Microanalysis Group since 2016, Campbell investigates graphite materials for nuclear applications. She joined ORNL as a postdoctoral research associate in 2014 after receiving her doctorate in nuclear engineering and radiological sciences from the University of Michigan.

She has been a TMS member for 15 years, participating on the Nuclear Materials Committee and leading organization of the Composite Materials for Nuclear Applications symposium for two annual meetings. She has been an ANS member for 19 years, serving one year as student chapter president at Purdue University and three years as a Materials Science and Technology Executive Committee member. — Dawn Levy