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Faculty promotions announced

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Trustees approve 61 faculty promotions

The University of Delaware Board of Trustees approved the promotions of 61 faculty members and awarded emeritus status to seven professors at its semiannual meeting on May 19.

Promoted to the rank of professor were 20 associate professors who already had been granted tenure: Behnam Abasht, animal and food sciences; Harsh Bais, plant and soil sciences; Jeffrey Buler, entomology and wildlife ecology; David Burris, mechanical engineering; Monica Dominguez Torres, art history; Hui Fang, electrical and computer engineering; Karin Grävare Silbernagel, physical therapy; Arild Hestvik, linguistics and cognitive science; April Kloxin, chemical and biomolecular engineering; Tobias Kukulka, School of Marine Science and Policy; Shannon Lennon, kinesiology and applied physiology; Iva Obrusnikova, behavioral health and nutrition; Elizabeth Orsega-Smith, behavioral health and nutrition; Freda Patterson, behavioral health and nutrition; Yasser Payne, sociology; Sharon Rozovsky, chemistry and biochemistry; Daniel Smith, public policy and administration; Amanda Van Horne, communication sciences and disorders; Dana Veron, geography and spatial sciences; and Jessica Warren, Earth sciences.

Promoted from associate professor to professor, without tenure, were Sharon Dudley-Brown, School of Nursing; Edgar Small, civil and environmental engineering (awarded posthumously); and Elizabeth Soslau, School of Education.

Thirty-one assistant professors were promoted to the rank of associate professor, with tenure: Brian Baade, art conservation; Mona Batish, medical and molecular sciences; Sabrin Beg, economics; Federica Bianco, physics and astronomy; Amy Biddle, animal and food sciences; Eric Bloch, chemistry and biochemistry; Matthew Cohen, communication sciences and disorders; Sarah DeYoung, sociology; Gregory Dobler, public policy and administration; Frances Sayako Earle, communication sciences and disorders; Mieke Eeckhaut, sociology; Morgan Ellithorpe, communication; Matthias Fleckenstein, finance; Chisa Hutchinson, English; Curtis Johnson, biomedical engineering; Maik Kecinski, applied economics and statistics; Je Kyeom Kim, behavioral health and nutrition; Daniel Koltonski, philosophy; Jennifer Kubota, psychological and brain sciences; Xinfeng Liang, School of Marine Science and Policy; Erica Litke, School of Education; Lena Mashayekhy, computer and information sciences; Peter Mende-Siedlecki, psychological and brain sciences; Carlos Moffat, School of Marine Science and Policy; Carly Pacanowski, behavioral health and nutrition; Georgina Ramsay, anthropology; Teomara Rutherford, School of Education; Frank Schroeder, physics and astronomy; Fabrizio Sergi, biomedical engineering; Jovan Tatar, civil and environmental engineering; and Jaipreet Virdi, history.

Promoted to the rank of associate professor, without tenure, were seven faculty members: James Ancona, School of Music; Jonathan Cox, art and design; Vickie Fedele, Associate in Arts Program; Eric Greska, kinesiology and applied physiology; Christine Grogan, Associate in Arts Program; Tracey Holden, communication; and David Satran, Associate in Arts Program.

All promotions are effective Sept. 1, 2022.

Faculty awarded emeritus status are Guy Alchon, professor emeritus of history; Brian Hanson, professor emeritus of geography and spatial sciences; Aquiles Iglesias, Unidel Katherine Esterly Chair Emeritus of Health Sciences; Paula Klemm, professor emerita in the School of Nursing; Carole Polek, associate professor emerita in the School of Nursing; William Rose, associate professor emeritus of kinesiology and applied physiology; and Peter Williams, professor emeritus of art and design (awarded posthumously).