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Weathering the storm

Delaware is on the Atlantic Coast and a relatively low-lying state so the possibility of flooding is a fact of life in the state.
Delaware is on the Atlantic Coast and a relatively low-lying state so the possibility of flooding is a fact of life in the state.

Make a storm-readiness plan in the event of inclement weather using guidance from the UD Office of Emergency Management

Severe weather can happen any time in Delaware. Winter storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail — all are possible in the First State.

It’s always a good time to prepare for severe weather. The University of Delaware’s Office of Emergency Management offers guidance and resources to prepare.

Sign up for text alerts

A variety of emergency notification systems are available to both inform and protect members of the community.

UD Alerts: For emergencies impacting UD, the Office of Emergency Management will issue a UD Alert. The system is only activated during major emergencies in which there is an imminent danger to the safety and welfare of students, faculty and staff, or if a state of emergency is declared. All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to register to receive UD Alerts.

LiveSafe: Download this free app for emergency notification and reporting features. All UD Alerts are also sent on the app; additionally, UD will use the app to issue important notifications that are not critical enough to be sent as UD Alerts (such as information on road closures, vaccination clinics, etc.).

Delaware Emergency Notification System (DENS): Enroll in this free service through the Delaware Emergency Management Agency and the City of Newark’s notification system. Learn more about DENS and other emergency notification systems in Delaware.

Social media: Follow all University-related accounts, including those on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter). Consider following the City of Newark, which also maintains a social media presence and posts critical updates.

Be ‘weather aware’

Extreme weather conditions can disrupt your normal routines, from how you dress to how you commute to and from campus. It is important to practice weather awareness every day so you can be prepared for daily weather conditions.

For the latest and most up-to-date weather information for this region, the UD Office of Emergency Management recommends regularly reviewing the National Weather Service (NWS) Philadelphia/Mt. Holly forecast office website. NWS is a federal agency with responsibility for issuing weather warnings, forecasts and other weather-related information. Additionally, regularly review the Delaware Environmental Observing System to stay informed on weather conditions on and around UD.

Don’t delay, prepare today

Preparedness involves any action taken to increase your ability to respond when disaster strikes. Consider the following: Know where you would go, including an evacuation route and a shelter-in-place location, in the event of severe weather. Consider how you would communicate with loved ones. Pull together the necessary tools, like batteries and supplies, that you would need in order to stay safe and stay informed.